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Pray Confraternity Mission

A Prayer for Our Confraternity Mission

The following prayer was composed on July 20, 2005, following a three day group discernment among CFP leaders regarding the Holy Spirit's Will for the future of the Confraternity of Penitents.

Lord, help us to reach out and support one another.  Help us to teach others by the example of our lives.  Help us to trust in the Holy Spirit to do Your Will.  Make us living flames of hope for each other and the world.  Oh Lord, help us to have faith in each other and faithfulness to the Confraternity and to spread and share this life.  Continue to help us to trust and to surrender to Your Will.  Help us to grow in holiness by this total surrender and to persevere in our journey to holiness.  Help us to evangelize and to cast out nets while protecting us in our fidelity to our Lord through the Catholic Church, to living the Rule and to the original vision for our Confraternity. Amen.

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