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A Rule to Foster Holiness

Did you know that living a Rule of Life that has been accepted by the Church is a marvelous way to begin to accomplish these goals? Why? Because the Church promises that those who follow such Rules faithfully are guaranteed eternal life. Many Religious Orders, Congregations, and Associations of the Faithful, whose Members follow a Rule of Life, exist in the Catholic Church. Each of these has unique charism that is reflected in the organization’s Rules, Statutes, Constitutions, and other governing materials. If you wish to achieve any or all of the above goals, could you do better than living a Rule of Life?

Many people believe that such Rules exist only for consecrated religious like nuns and brothers. That is not true! Thankfully many wonderful Rules of Life, accepted and encouraged by the Catholic Church, exist for lay people to follow. The graces that come from following a Rule of Life are many.


  • You give up your own will to follow the Rule.

  • You grow in humility.

  • You grow more detached from worldly possessions.

  • You learn self-discipline.

  • You practice love of neighbor by serving others.

  • You practice love of God through prayer and worship.


Does it make sense that a Rule of Life that causes you to give up more of your own will, to grow more in humility, to become more detached from possessions, to practice more self-discipline, to engage in greater service to your neighbor, and to pray more to our God, is a Rule that will speed you along the spiritual journey to help you achieve your spiritual goals? With the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Confraternity of Penitents can assist you in all of these ways and more!

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