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Primer on Angels: Ranks, Choirs, Functions, Names

I wrote this out over 20 years ago, but can’t remember where it came from:-

SERAPH – An angel of highest rank or order.  

CHERUB – An angel of the second order. Cherubic – innocent – trusting – harmless – loving – lovely – good-feeling – joy.   

THRONE– The seat of a king or ruler. The place where God may rest. The place where God dispenses His Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Justice. Not necessarily a seat as we know it, but a place where Throne Angels abound and support and compassionate their loving God with solace, and support for all His pains and needs.  

DOMINIONS – By the Power of God, they are Sovereign Authority of those spiritual areas which form part of God’s empire. God is the Emperor.   

POWERS – Ability to act or do, strength, influence, talent, authority. They move in answer to our prayers with great authority and power. They wait to be asked to act in our best interests.  

VIRTUES – They guide us and lead us in moral goodness, rectitude, morality, merit, efficiency, humility, liberality, chastity, temperance, brotherly love, diligence. (To counsel the doubtful, instruct the ignorant, admonish sinners, comfort the afflicted, forgive offences, bear wrongs patiently, pray for the living and the dead.)  

PRINCIPALITIES – Sovereignty, territory of a prince, principles, cause of origin, general truth, fundamental law, a rule of action uprightness, an element, fixed to principles.  

ARCHANGELS.— Angels of the highest order.  

ANGELS. – Divine Messenger, Angels have no background, no history, they come out of nowhere. They are simplistic, pure, focused, they have missions, they come to do the job, then they go, they are simplistic. They give protection and guidance. They redirect your life to get it back on line.  

GUARDIAN ANGEL. Protector, Guard, Personnel Messenger. All angels are Warriors

ST PADRE PIO has said, “If you want to contact me, send your guardian angel.” If you REALLY want to get attention from Padre Pio, send your Guardian Angel to his mother. As with Jesus at Cana, he cannot resist his mum. “Just do as He says.” Because HE did as she said, (Honour your father and mother)

PRAYER:-   “Oh Guardian Angel whom God, in His Mercy, has assigned to me, direct, govern, guard, and protect me, each day.”

--David Curry, CFP Affiliate

MICHAEL. -- The Field Marshal of spiritual warfare. Chief Angelic Warrior. MICHA means “Who can compare with”, And “EL” means God. The word “Michael” is a word which is praise of God. The name IS praise. The word MICHAEL is an address to the nation. It is a question, it is praise

RAPHAEL. The healer Patron of safety and travel, Also of post office, telephone and telegraph. “RAPHA” means, The Healing of, and “EL” means God. The society of St Raphael is a healing association for Christian doctors, etc.

GABRIEL The messenger. “GABRI” means strength, or might. “EL” means God. (What would you want Gabriel to say to you?) Mary received what she knew, and yearned for, and expected. The coming of the Messiah. When St Francis got the revelation of what his vocation was to be, he yelled, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT.” JESUS is the message, but angels can be messengers for His purposes.

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