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Hymn: Holy Spirit, God of Wisdom

The descent of the Holy Spirit by Van Dyke 1618

A new hymn to the Holy Spirit, introduced by the Confraternity of Penitents with the permission of the composer.


Holy Spirit, God of Wisdom,

            Understanding and of Love,

Holy Spirit, God of Knowledge,

            Sent us by our God above.

Who anointed Christ our Savior,

            Who on Tabor manifest;

Draws us to Christ’s inner circle,

            Wants to be our living Guest.


Holy Spirit, God of Counsel,

            Fortitude and Piety,

Holy Spirit, God of Power,

            Demonstrating mystery.

Breathe upon us as Christ promised.

            Lead us surely on the Way—

On the Way that Jesus promised

            With your graces day by day.


Holy Spirit, God Who gives us

            Patience, Peace and Charity.

Holy Spirit, come upon us,

            Wind and Fire and Majesty.

Fill us, lead us and direct us;

            Be our Pillar in the night.

Send us forth to be disciples,

            Strong and shining Lamps of Light.


Tune:  Hymn to Joy

Text:  D. Seashore

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